APL Expands the Branding Horizon

APL Expands the Branding Horizon
December 1, 2015 Hester

October 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of supplemental health insurance provider APL. To celebrate the company’s legacy and to ensure its vitality well into the future, the leadership at APL looked to us, the team at Hester Designs, to create the company’s re-brand.

Updating an existing brand is a collaborative process that poses a variety of challenges. Visual branding of a company should accurately reflect long-standing company culture, heritage, reputation, as well as capture the feel of the company’s future growth.

When the APL team met with the design team at Hester Designs, they expressed that their brand was no longer portraying a message consistent with the company, and needed a complete overhaul of the brand. Existing logos and other collateral had referred to the company in its full name, American Public Life Insurance Company, while its employees, insurance brokers, and customers had been using the company’s easier acronym, APL.

Recent growth and success of APL has further increased the consistency gap between the company and its branding. APL has enjoyed an excellent reputation amongst its clients and broker network as a company with excellent customer service, unique products, and commitment to quality. It is an organization with great growth potential and an energetic culture, and a new brand would solidify the company’s trajectory as an emerging industry leader.

The rebranding process for APL was extensive and thorough. When APL came to us at Hester Designs, they wanted the brand to allude to the company’s ability to “fill in the gaps” in employee benefit insurance. Virtually all aspects of the brand – the mark, the tagline, the colors – were examined with great detail. After multiple revisions and multiple follow-up meetings, the new APL brand emerged.

The new APL brand is impactful and dynamic, putting into prominence the company’s acronym. The tagline, “Expanding the Benefits Horizon,” informs the consumer of APL’s specialized insurance products, and is complimented by the stylized “A,” which reflects the colors of a horizon.

When we create a new brand, we also provide examples of how that brand can be implemented. Above, we created a mockup flyer.

When we create a new brand, we also provide examples of how that brand can be implemented. Above, we created a mockup flyer.

Expanding the horizon of your company’s branding can be daunting, but that’s where design professionals can make the process easier. It is a dynamic, collaborative process, but produces great results. The team at Hester Designs is ready to endeavor with you and your business to produce great designs and effective branding.

Congratulations APL for over 70 years of success. To see their new brand, and to see what benefits that they can provide, please visit APL’s website.

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