Custom graphic design helps HSI Sensing communicate custom capabilities

Custom graphic design helps HSI Sensing communicate custom capabilities
July 9, 2013 Hester

HSI Sensing LogoHSI Sensing gets excited about possibilities. Their engineers design parts for everything from pacemakers to jets, and HSI manufactures the parts in-house in Chickasha, Oklahoma. With all that talent under one roof, HSI can easily customize parts and solve specific problems for their clients. The only hangup: getting the word out about their capabilities.

Hester Designs worked with HSI, in concert with marketers Jeff Smith and Angie LaPaglia, to let customers know they can rely on HSI for more than standard reed switches and proximity sensors—they can work one-on-one with engineers and expect elegant solutions.

Multi-pronged communications ensured HSI’s contacts would get the message. A brochure introduced customers to the engineers they’d work with, detailed the process and answered questions. This printed piece gave the HSI sales team a physical resource to leave with clients. An email campaign took on the HSI look with a streamlined design that focused on imagery and a finely honed message for quick, effective communication. For a seamless campaign, we highlighted HSI’s custom capabilities on its website. For in-house team-building, we crafted an informative custom engineering banner.

Whether client communication consists of a postcard about new services or an ad campaign that reaches out in a variety of ways, we’re happy to help our clients achieve their goals and help their businesses grow.

HSI Custom Engineering Brochure Cover

HSI Custom Engineering Brochure SpreadHSI Sensing Custom Engineering-Email