Skip the Cleanup. Get Websafe.™

Skip the Cleanup. Get WebSafe™

A successful hacking attempt could mean chaos for yur website. In addition to stealing information, a hacker can also deface your website. Websites with security vulnerabilities are easy targets for hackers who want to spread their propaganda for free. Would your customers appreciate visiting your website and seeing the work of a hacker?
Keep your website out of the hands of hackers with WebSafe,™ our comprehensive website security and backup package for WordPress sites.

  • Installation and set up of Security plug-ins
  • Monthly update of WordPress core, themes, and plug-ins
  • Monthly scan for Malware
  • Monthly back-up of the entire website and database
  • Monthly copy backups to multiple locations

WebSafe™ Disclaimer & Agreement

WebSafe™ Backup and Security is a monthly website maintenance, security, and information backup and recovery service provided by Hester Designs. This service provides clients the following:

  • Installation and set up of WordPress security plugins licensed to Hester Designs.
  • Monthly updates of WordPress core, WordPress plugins, and WordPress Design Themes. This updates are subject to up-to-date licensing fees in some cases.
  • Monthly scans for malware.
  • Monthly back-up of entire website and database.
  • Storage of monthly backups.

WebSafe™ Backup and Security is provided at the current rate of $45 month, with a 12 month contract. To discontinue this service requires 30 day notice.

WebSafe™ Backup and Security intends to fulfill the following purposes:

  • WordPress websites from being hacked by malware or hackers by blocking IP addresses of multiple failed login attempts in the WordPress login panel.
  • Keep WordPress websites and their accompanying core, themes, and plugins up to date to minimize and security vulnerabilities.
  • Minimize downtime and losses by quickly restoring a website in the event of a site being hacked.

Enrollment and use of WebSafe™ Backup and Security does not guarantee protection from malware, hacks or cyber attacks on your website. It does however help resurrect a site using parts or all of back up files available.

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