Pearl’s Restaurant’s Group brings Fun, Fresh, and Affordable to the web.

Pearl’s Restaurant’s Group brings Fun, Fresh, and Affordable to the web.
March 18, 2015 Hester

Pearl’s Restaurant Group is dedicated to being always Fun, Fresh, and Affordable. Communicating that idea to an audience is not always easy, but at Hester Designs, we took images + words + ideas to provide a new, fully-responsive website for the successful restaurant group.

Pearl’s owns three unique restaurants in Oklahoma City, and each restaurant has its distinctive brand and feel. The website needed to proudly display each restaurant’s unique atmosphere and food, and retain a connection to Pearl’s Restaurant Group.

The solution was to create a landing page for each restaurant that made utilization of the website’s features of full-width carousels, parallax image backgrounds, and clear divisions to show each restaurant’s menus and specials. We used textures of wood, brick, or chalk to mimic the decor of each restaurant as backgrounds over flat color. Outlined illustrations of bears, crabs, lobsters, and cutlery were used to provide a fun feel for the user while browsing through the website.

One of the standout features this website offers is looping video that can be seen through the carousel at the top of each restaurant’s landing page. Visitors of Pearl’s website can have a more interactive look at what kind of dining experience each restaurant has to offer.

A well-designed and beautiful website not only tells customers about your business, but it also helps establish your presence within your community. At Hester Designs, we are dedicated to providing web design solutions that effectively meet your needs in a visually attractive way.

We thank the team at Pearl’s Restaurant Group for choosing Hester Designs. If you’re looking for a dining event that’s always fun, fresh, and affordable, check out their website here and visit one of their three great restaurants in the Oklahoma City area.

Visit Pearl’s Restaurant Group’s new website.

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