Upcoming WordPress 5.0 Release with Gutenberg

Upcoming WordPress 5.0 Release with Gutenberg
June 11, 2018 Hester
Lets find out who this Gutenberg is

Hey this is Jeff at Hester Designs just sending you a note on some upcoming changes to WordPress.

WordPress plans to launch it’s 5.0 version sometime in 2018. We do not have a set date for the release, and because it’s still in development, we do not have any way to tell you anything concrete. Only to say that WordPress is implementing what they call “Gutenberg” which is a built in page builder along with some other nice features. These features will mimic functionality you may already be used to with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which most sites we have built in the last 2 years use.

In the mean time, we are setting up demos, doing some testing and planning for future, as well as taking some steps to help you prevent any downtime or weird things happening with your web site.

WebSafe, Hosting Services, and Maintenance Agreement clients will undergo installation of a plug-in to suppress any automatic updates. This will help manage the timeline of changes.

I would like to suggest the following considerations in the mean time;

  • Theme and Plugin Watch – Keep an eye on updates to your theme and conversations in the forums for talk and plans for Gutenberg.
  • Duplicate Your Site in a Development Area and Experiment – You can install the Gutenberg plugin and test it’s functionality and effects on a copy of your site.

Once a game plan is in place we will let you know. As always Hester Designs is here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you! — Jeff Hester / Hester Designs