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The HD Approach to Web Traffic is based on Return on Investment (ROI)

Getting your website noticed is an important factor in drawing an audience for your business, and Search Engine Optimization or “SEO”can help connect internet users to your services. It is natural to assume that more traffic or “hits” to your web page could yield more clients. Many SEO service providers promise increased “hits” and a top listing on search engines like Google or Yahoo. If high numbers of visitors are only browsing your site and not sending inquiries or purchasing your products, then perhaps its time to rethink your SEO strategy.

The point of Search Engine Optimization for your business is to convert clicks into customers. At Hester Designs, we like to partner with you to make your web site work for your bottom line.

SEO Level One:

  • Complete review of your web site’s SEO
  • SEO Tools installed into your web site
  • SEO information installed into 20 pages
  • Training on how to manage your SEO information and tools
  • Consulting on methods to rank high, and turn “hits” into customers

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