Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked

Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked
September 29, 2015 Hester

For most people, maintaining cyber security means little more than keeping their usernames passwords a secret and making sure they use only trusted websites. But for the proprietor of a WordPress site, the standard is significantly higher. There are a myriad of reasons why WordPress sites get hacked. Here are a few.

WordPress accounts for over 20% of websites, and over 40% of content management systems in use.

There are well over 60 million websites that use WordPress. With a sizable pool of prospective victims, it’s not hard to see why hackers would choose WordPress as a target. Unfortunately, WordPress’ popularity is part of why hackers find it so appealing.

Some WordPress users don’t keep their sites up to date.

WordPress is simple to use and available to everyone. There are no shortage of WordPress users, well intended as they are, who aren’t mindful enough of cyber security to ward off hackers by keeping their site’s security features current.

Hacking tutorials are easily accessible on the Internet.

There are a multitude of blog posts and websites that provide emergent hackers with step-by-step instructions of hacking into a WordPress site. This information is easily accessible. All one needs to do is log onto a search engine and they’ll be granted access to numerous tutorials detailing WordPress infiltration.

WordPress posts a change log each time WordPress is updated.

Every version of WordPress released comes with a change log detailing every modification added to the newer version. These changes can be found on WordPress’ website by anyone, including hackers. Such information enables hackers to potentially identify security vulnerabilities and break into your WordPress site.

Some WordPress users use simple, easy-to-guess usernames and passwords.

Surprisingly, some website proprietors use simple usernames such as “admin” and the like, making it easy for hackers to infiltrate their site. It’s also true that 60% of people use the same password for everything. Many WordPress users don’t seem to realize that most hackers spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to invade websites. Using simple, common passwords is one way to make it easy for them.

In addition to those aforementioned, there are numerous other reasons for why WordPress sites get hacked. Absolute website security is virtually unobtainable. However, there are some steps you can take to make your site significantly safer. For more information regarding how to keep your WordPress site safe, visit www.hesterdesigns.com/websafe-backup-security.