About Hester Designs

Simply stated, we do what we love

New Ideas Everyday

Hester Designs is a group of people who, simply stated, do what we love. We awaken each day to new ideas, not only in design, but also in marketing, message development, company growth and corporate direction. By combining paramount design with clear and credible messages, we make sure your news gets noticed. This passion for our craft, paired with an emphasis on solid client relationships, drives us to excellence and separates us from our peers. You’ll find our enthusiasm contagious.

How We Work… We Collaborate.

We collaborate with you. You send us your project with your goals and your vision. Provide any content you have including text, photos, specifications and guidelines if they apply. We respond by sending you design concepts. You approve them, or request to revise them. We tweak the design until you are happy. Once approved, we prepare the final art for print, web, media, etc.

Our People

We are a social-minded company, and our employees devote time and money to the community. Our employees can be found aiding local churches in audiovisual development and youth ministry, participating in speaking engagements, and assisting in the development of curriculum for future graphic designers at career technical schools. Hester Designs has also donated its services to Ronald McDonald House charity and chapters, Odylia Therapeutics for eye disease cures, Ally’s House and many other not-for-profit organizations.

Jeff Hester of Hester Designs

Jeff Hester
Owner / Designer / Developer

Jenny Hester of Hester Designs

Jenny Hester
Owner / Voice Over / PR

Chad Hester of Hester Designs

Chad Hester
Developer / Web Based Software

Jordan Oliver of Hester Designs

Jordan Oliver
Designer / Front End Developer

Jeanelle Echols of Hester Designs

Jeanelle Echols
Designer / Web Specialist

Derrion Jones
Design Intern / WebSafe Specialist

Experience, Leadership and Enthusiasm

Hester Design’s owner Jeff Hester has more than 30 years experience in graphic design. Jeff sharpened his skills as an art director for nine years before opening Hester Designs in 2002. Hester Designs maintains a polished and comfortable environment for both its clients and designers. At Hester Designs, you’ll find a team of accomplished designers and developers ready to work one-on-one with you.

Jeff Hester jumps his mountain bike at Draper Lake trails in Oklahoma

Jeff Hester Profile

Jeff Hester is owner of Hester Designs. You may recognize some of Jeff’s work for clients like Tinker Federal Credit Union, Myriad Gardens, Canterbury Chorus Society, Ronald McDonald House OKC, and many others. Jeff considers himself an organizer of visual communication and systems. Jeff uses art, design, programming, and observation to create clear communications and tell interesting stories. Over the last two years Jeff has taken a deep dive into Accessibility and design and usability techniques to help make his designs more inclusive to all people.

Jeff always knew he was going to be a graphic designer. His fourth grade teacher once noted on a report card, “Jeff will be a great commercial artist someday.” At age 11, he was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and responded, “I want to own a design firm.”

Jeff’s mix of computer programming, drawing, and commercial art instruction helped to develop the necessary skills to combine design and website development for a commercial environment. Jeff Hester went on to win many awards and was the youngest person to become an instructor at Metro Tech, teaching graphic design software to high school and secondary students.

For down time Jeff can be found spending quality time with family, playing guitar, and riding mountain bikes. Jeff lives in southwest Oklahoma City with wife, Jenny, and three sons, Calon, Archer and Garrett.