WebSafe™ WordPress Security and Backup

Lets have a disaster plan and back that up too.

Keep Your Site WebSafe™

Your website is an important valuable asset like any other part of your business. Have peace of mind knowing your website can be secure, scanned for malware, and backed-up. No solution is fool-proof, but WebSafe™ gives you the security you need and the files in reserve in case of a disaster.

WebSafe™ Features:

  • Installation, set up, and licensing of Security, Backup, and Monitoring plug-ins
  • 24/7 monitoring of up-time and availability
  • Monthly update of WordPress core, themes, and plug-ins*
  • Monthly scan for Malware
  • Monthly back-up of the entire website and database copied to multiple safe locations
  • Cost is $55 per month, with a 12-month contract. 30 days notice cancelation
  • New! Add free tech support and training for only $7 more! (1 hour monthly)
Hester Designs WebSafe™ service keeps your wordpress site safe and secure

Why do I need WebSafe?

Your web site is made up if several layers of software and code including WordPress CMS, multiple plugins for various functions, base theme, and a custom HD designed theme. Each need updates ongoing to stay secure and operating properly. Think of your smart phone and it’s operating system and apps. These need updates from time to time to keep up with security, add features, etc. This system needs security, malware scanning and a backup plan to protect your investment and online reputation.

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    WebSafe™ services subject to Hester Designs hosting policies, procedures, and limitations. Enrollment and use of WebSafe™ Backup and Security does not guarantee protection from malware, hacks or cyber attacks on your website. It does however help resurrect a site using parts or all of back up files available. Services are performed as available from your web hosting provider. Some services may be hindered depending on hosting or other conflicts.

    * Updates may be subject to up-to-date licensing fees in some cases. Major versions of themes or plugins that require custom updating is not included.