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Security and reliability is the key.

No tech talk, just great performance.

Hester Designs has partnered with TVC to provide safe and reliable hosting platforms. TVC is the worlds leading expert in anti-hacking, and specialize in hosting WordPress sites. We make it easy because your friends at Hester Designs manage your hosting account for you. No jargon or mysteries to deal with. Simply call us and we handle what you need. We provide various levels of hosting, and we can always upgrade or customize for your specific situation.

Hester Designs provides comprehensive web hosting services without the pushy sales

Web Site Hosting Packages:

If you don’t a hosting package that fits you, feel free to give us a call at 405-235-5363.

Hester Designs offers many levels of hosting. Stock Hosting package.

Launch Hosting

Hester Designs simple hosting works great for 90% of all clients. Get managed hosting with 4 gig of storage space and 4 gig of bandwidth each month that’s perfect for most web sites.

$360 annually

Hester Designs offers many levels of hosting. Boosted Hosting package.

Boosted Hosting

Hester Designs boosted hosting works great when you want to have more storage and traffic capacity. Get managed hosting with 20 gigs of storage space and 20 gigs of bandwidth each month for a bigger site with more traffic.

$660 annually

Hester Designs offers many levels of hosting. Super Charged Hosting package.

Supercharged Hosting

Hester Designs turbo hosting works great for clients who need storage and traffic capacity for large sites or e-commerce stores. Get managed hosting with 90 gigs of storage space and 90 gigs of bandwidth each month.

$990 annually

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