Our funny Christmas Card for S&S Promotions

Holiday card show the letters 2020 falling apart when you open it.

Our funny Christmas Card for S&S Promotions

Hester Designs has helped many clients with holiday cards over the years. It’s not something we do a lot of, but when we do… we like to really create something fun.

Steve Saak of S&S Promotions called Jeff. They began collaborating on funny ideas for a card. Everyone knows 2020 has been a tough year in many ways. Many ideas were thrown around. Steve wanted the card to show some of S&S’s capability.

Jeff and Jordan brainstormed and made sketches. Next we narrowed it down to a few ideas. There were some very funny concepts but only two made it to the design stage. Those two were sent to Steve and the S&S team. A few revision rounds later and some beta testing of some cuts, and the card in the photo was the final selected design. It features a cover. When you open it up you reveal the numbers 2020. As soon you try to open the flap, the last zero falls apart. It’s a really clever collaboration between Hester Designs and S&S.

“We like to present a really creative idea when we get the chance. There are thousands of holiday cards. To do something truly different is always the goal.” said Jeff Hester.

When you need an idea that is outside the norm, but delivers a meaningful message, give us a call. Hester Designs is ready to collaborate with you on your next big idea.